Not a gluten-free trail

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A desert bush with reddish-green berries

Apparent (?) prickly pear cacti

Prickly pear cactus

A green plant with lavender flowers

A thick, prickly pear-looking cactus with bright pink flowers that I don't think actually is prickly pear

Something that looks like a tall (and not wide) bright red lettuce

Fragile, pale yellow/pink bulbous flowers

Pasta, tortillas, and rice that are most definitely full of gluten

Sitting cool at mile 444 right now. I was aiming to be at the Sierras by June 19 or 27, but the snow course I signed up for then got canceled, so I’m in no rush. Might slow down for particular recommended attractions, but otherwise the plan is consistent 20+-mile days.


  1. Hi, can you take care with the large image files please?

    This post is included on Planet Mozilla, and it has a big impact on the page. I remember it happening with someone else’s post before.


    It’s loading a number of 4Mb images, which can be quite punishing.

    (They don’t actually work on Planet Mozilla:


    Comment by Alan Jenkins — 13.06.17 @ 11:50

  2. Hmm. Hmm. I’m posting these from a phone. I had assumed WordPress would pick some plausible downsized version, not embed the original. I guess that’s not happening. I’ll see what I can do, but honestly I don’t know whether I have control over this. :-\

    Comment by Jeff — 13.06.17 @ 11:54

  3. I’ve seen some people use tags to limit which posts they send to a Planet.

    Presumably that’s what’s described as using a “tagged feed” here: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Planet_Mozilla

    (It says this is supposed to be required now, for new people who want to be on Planet Mozilla).

    Google turned up the wiki for Planet Openstack, which has some instructions for WordPress: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/AddingYourBlog#Separating_Content

    Comment by Alan Jenkins — 14.06.17 @ 02:28

  4. A tagged feed wouldn’t help, because I’d tag everything that way as a matter of course. I strongly dislike a Planet where its participants self-censor what they share, and I get only a narrow slice of their lives that way. The long tradition of planets such as Planet GNOME and others is that you get the entire lives of the participants, to the extent they chose. It is very helpful to get this – people’s lives outside Mozilla are very relevant to understanding them, relating to them, and being able to recognize why they might argue for particular proposals for how Mozilla should work. Narrowing that, harms that ability greatly. I refuse to participate in that narrowing. (It also leaves a very bad taste in my mouth that the narrowing, as I’ve observed it, seems to have been viewpoint based in response to particular expressed views, not on neutral grounds, giving it an even greater tinge of censorship.)

    It’s also definitely worth noting that I know of a significant number of Mozillians who are interested in my progress, even if technically there’s no specific Mozilla hook, who absolutely justify posting this stuff to that broad audience.

    No, the real solution is just figuring out something to ensure images in posts are shrunk. Maybe the WordPress web version provides the necessary controls and is at least that minimally usable on a mobile device.

    Comment by Jeff — 17.06.17 @ 20:44

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