Guys! The Mojave Desert is hot and dry. Who knew?

Four days in, 77mi so far, at Julian overnight. Longest waterless stretch was 17.8mi, but I did end up only drinking the water I started with on the first 20mi day, so I suppose it was as if it were a 20mi waterless stretch, even if water was plentiful. (That said, this year was so rainy/snowy that a ton of water sources that usually would be dry, are still running now.)

Starting group picture

First rail crossing

Not a rattlesnake across the trail

A PCT sign that says

Unexploded military ordnance nearby! Woo!

An overlook, with other hiker trash in the foreground

View on a valley

Overnight campsite at sunset - good view, but very windy

Campsite in morning

Prickly pear-looking cactus

And, my overnight lodgings in Julian:

Overnight on the floor of a small restaurant


  1. LOL @ first pic. EXIF orientation, how does it work? 🙂 (You can fix it in Firefox with image-orientation CSS, but other browsers don’t support it yet.)

    Comment by Justin Dolske — 15.05.17 @ 09:19

  2. Yeah, not sure how that happened. And WordPress’s mobile app seems not to let me rotate it.

    Comment by Jeff — 15.05.17 @ 10:54

  3. Is use this script for this exif problem (for Linux) :

    Comment by ZĂ©fling — 16.05.17 @ 04:34

  4. Yeah, if I were posting from a computer and not a phone I’d surely have fixed this myself.

    Comment by Jeff — 17.06.17 @ 20:52

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