Why not?

Tags: — Jeff @ 12:01

While I’m at it, I should probably explain the title of this blog. Think back to your high school physics class. Remember how you learned all about these equations for motion:

  • v=v0+at
  • v2=v02+2aΔx
  • Δx=v0t+1/2at2
  • Δx=(v+v0)t/2

Well, you’ll notice that v0 is repeated pretty often…that’s the initial velocity of the object whose position, velocity, and acceleration are being tracked. The equations are easily verifiable using common sense, logic, and a little calculus if you desire. Anyways, the variable v0 is pronounced as “vee not”. (I’ve never liked the “not” part so I pronounce it as “vee oh”.) Similarly, y0 is pronounced “wye not”. “wye not” == “Why not?” It’s an interesting question, I suppose, and it’s suitably cryptic (thus a fitting blog title – yes, I’m cynical and I know it). The blog title is shown as y0 due to the inability to put HTML in blog titles (haven’t tested, will try after publishing this post – VERIFIED FIXED, although I had to manually plug the title into the page to get the subscript formatting).

Heh, it’s exactly 00:00 right now on my system clock…I should probably get some sleep. If only I could fall asleep that easily…