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I have about 50 Gmail invites to give away. If you want an account, leave a comment with your unobscured email address in the email address box in the comment form. Your email address won’t be displayed on the page, so don’t worry about getting spam.

Also, I’m still hoping to get a Mini Mac for Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird development work and testing. If you feel like it, sign up to get a free Mini Mac, complete an offer, and get some friends to do the same. It’s only five minutes, and the offers are pretty diverse. (Being a student, I found the Citibank credit card option to be most useful – it’s hassle-free, costs nothing, and takes about 5 minutes to complete. I’ve heard others have had good results from the Blockbuster and eFax offers as well.)

Update: the number of invites I have seems to replenish itself every day or so, so just keep posting if you want an invite, because it doesn’t look like I’ll be running out of them any time soon.

Update: I fall behind too easily on responding to invite requests, so I’m closing this down.  You can get invites pretty easily elsewhere as well, so it shouldn’t be too big a loss.  😉


  1. gmail invite? or is it to late?


    Comment by jordan — 13.09.06 @ 19:28

  2. Oooh do you still have any invites left? If so I’d really appreciate the hook-up 🙂


    Comment by Marty — 28.09.06 @ 19:52

  3. i would like one too please


    Comment by brad — 29.09.06 @ 18:48

  4. Please send me a gmail invite! I really need it!


    Comment by Lorainne — 01.10.06 @ 14:10

  5. plz can i have an invite i hope u still have some


    Comment by Owen — 01.10.06 @ 14:11

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