Someone is hacking code wrong in Mozilla

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A page of frames for four Mozilla trees loading isthetreegreen.com; none of them say yes
Is any tree green? Across left to right, then top to bottom, none of TraceMonkey, Firefox3.2, Firefox3.1, and Firefox3.0 are green

Something has to give soon; this is unconscionable.

(Also, props to dolske and Jesse for making isthetreegreen.com happen. 🙂 )


  1. Actually, it doesn’t work in any browser. Probably link is messed.

    [Feed readers are going to censor it, now that I think about it — adding that to the link tooltip too…]

    Comment by lockoom — 03.02.09 @ 01:28

  2. The first/outer rows frameset is closed too early, that’s why it doesn’t display anything…

    [Hm, I could have sworn I copied the right link! Fixed now, should work everywhere but IE and feed readers.]

    Comment by Thomas — 03.02.09 @ 05:23

  3. […] the tree green? Are any of the trees green? All four tinderboxen – […]

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