Help someone win a multi-million dollar penthouse condo overlooking Central Park in New York City!

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No, that someone isn’t me; I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I had one (and I’d be astounded if I could afford the property taxes in any case), beyond flip it for a pile of money. All you have to do is find someone running recent Tracemonkey code (that includes xulrunner, Firefox, Thunderbird, Songbird, anything that embeds Gecko, any Linux system with GNOME and a sufficiently recent libgjs installed, &c.) on a V8 or earlier Sparc processor.

Further details in bug 502369 comment 11. 😀


  1. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=502696 gives some insights. Considering the JIT uses v9 instructions, it’s just impossible to find someone like that. Unfortunately for me 😉

    I would have appreciated a proper answer, though, instead of finding it elsewhere (and by total luck, as I was on #jsapi when someone mentioned #502696).

    [Ah, that does shed more light on the matter — 13 years, wow, that would be epic if it existed. In general I disclaim all knowledge of Sparc processors or the architecture, so I had no idea v8 was anywhere close to that old and couldn’t have answered the question in any case (I can’t really think of any SpiderMonkey hackers really familiar with Sparc, to be honest) — but the promise was too outlandish to not highlight in any case. 🙂 ]

    Comment by glandium — 07.07.09 @ 16:40

  2. I’m pretty sure we can find Debian users with sparc v8 using older versions of Iceweasel (the unbranded Firefox).

    Comment by glandium — 07.07.09 @ 17:02

  3. Yeah, that taxes will always get you in New York. You have to be prepared.

    Comment by Alfred — 21.07.09 @ 10:50

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