One day…

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I will learn to restrain myself from clicking on links to attachments in crasher bugs. And I will never ever again crash Firefox through personal incompetence and inattentiveness. And it will be glorious.


  1. Sounds like a job for a Greasemonkey script.

    [Maybe. It’d have to intercept the page before it loaded, tho, because this usually happens when I click a link in bugmail in Thunderbird, in which case there’s no link-click to intercept. Could write a Thunderbird extension for that, I guess…]

    Comment by Jesse Ruderman — 09.07.09 @ 16:46

  2. Makes you think though… surely it would be trivial to have a greasemonkey script (or even something in Bugzilla itself!) that prompts you if you click attachments that are not of type “patch” to bugs that have the “crash” keyword, or “crash” in the summary? 🙂

    “Are you sure you want to lose your browsing session? [Crash plz] [No, thanks]”

    [See Jesse’s suggestion above. 🙂 ]

    Comment by Gijs — 09.07.09 @ 16:57

  3. Pff, I am not fast enough, that much is clear. Anyway, submit a feature request for the bugmail add-on for Thunderbird? (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/9584) If it’s asking for bug data anyway, that info should be extractable, too, I think, and it could modify the link for you, or at least display a warning in the info bar it shows… (would that stop you? 🙂 )

    Comment by Gijs — 09.07.09 @ 17:17

  4. You must want Electrolysis!

    [Come to think of it, actually, yes, yes I do for this purpose!]

    Comment by Edward Lee — 09.07.09 @ 20:00

  5. I can’t speak for the other platforms, but Windows just-in-time debugging is great for this – pop in to the debugger, step around the crash, detach debugger, job done!

    [Given that most of the time the crash attachments I accidentally load are in JITted code after invariants have been violated, with complex stack unwinding to do, it’s usually not quite that simple, unfortunately. Also, it’s moot for me as I’m not running Windows right now; I don’t think similar functionality exists on OS X. Linux might be better, but unfortunately it’s not an option as I then couldn’t run OS X, at least not without dual-booting, and I’ve become too used to VMs to do that.]

    Comment by Neil — 10.07.09 @ 01:48

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