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This site now runs on WordPress. As I mentioned in my first post, Blogger was intended only as a step between nothing and a more full-featured solution. At the time that was MT; after the recent brouhaha over licensing I decided to look elsewhere to avoid any possible hassles. For whatever reason, WordPress came up quite a bit, so I figured I’d give it a try. It seems to work quite well for what I do, and as it’s PHP-based, getting set up is simple (no file attribute tweaking, etc.).

I’ve also spent a little time reading about the development efforts behind it. The UI changes definitely are a good thing, though there are still a few places that need to be converted. Overall, the admin interface strikes me as very clean, although it’s rather difficult to get to certain settings without searching to find out for sure where a feature is located.

I’ve also submitted my first feature request. It’s a simple feature I’ve already hacked into this blog installation, but I’m reasonably sure my method isn’t good enough for the real code. I’ll leave it up to a real coder, and for now I’ll stick with my hack.


Switching to a new email address

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I’ve switched to a new email address over the past few days. It’s a real pain, but the new one will have oodles more space and will be easier to use. Netzero was reasonable (I’ve used it since I first started using Netzero for Internet instead of our family’s AOL access), but the 2MB limit on storage and the inability to send email (receiving was okay) without being logged on to Netzero (we’ve got Comcast cable now) were real issues. Also a problem was spam, which has been pretty heavy ever since I foolishly posted my email address online.

I’ve yet to notify everyone about the new address, but I plan to do so within the day. For any readers here (I doubt there are any, and I don’t really care), my new email address is jwalden [at] mit [dot] edu.