The Todo List

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An ordered priority list:

  1. Fix my laptop (or rather, have Dell fix it for me) so that Windows works and so that I can use it without losing power any time I try something CPU– or hard disk-intensive, like building Firefox or Thunderbird
  2. Bug 253334 — Thunderbird needs a Help Viewer
  3. Bug 272841 — Accesskey mnemonics no longer working in help
  4. Bug 247595 — Use entities to describe menus and dialogs in help documentation
  5. Bug 251751 — Firefox Help window should not be alwaysRaised

Processes that can be run relatively concurrently with the aforementioned processes:

  • Really learn the building numbers and building layout at MIT
  • Explore as many halls, corridors, nooks, and crannies at MIT as possible
  • Participate in Mystery Hunt
  • Take a soccer referee recertification class
  • Teach myself the rest of the 8.012 book
  • Somehow catch up on sleep

Things that may interest me but may or may not get done, unordered:

But first:

  • Get through the rest of the fall semester
  • Study a lot, particularly for 5.112 and 18.022
  • Pass my classes

Edit: For the “will do” list, I also need to do a complete UI review of Thunderbird so that its UI can be improved. In particular I think the menus are rather heavy, although there are other parts that could be cleaned up as well. Firefox 1.0 was elegant – Thunderbird 1.0 is unfortunately not nearly as elegant.