I have a confession to make

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I still have not upgraded:

My cooking setup for dinner one night, with a Firefox 2-labeled water bottle full of hot chocolate
My cooking setup for dinner one night, with a Firefox 2-labeled water bottle full of hot chocolate

Super-special brownie points if you can guess where and when I got it. (Hint: I wanted to make this post about two weeks ago, if I’d taken the picture and found Internet access between then and now.)

Posts have been slow in coming of late partly because they take so long to write and partly because I haven’t hit towns at the right times to use their libraries (today’s access actually is the result of an overnight stay after a short day because this library isn’t open on Mondays). Also, my progress in the last few days has been hampered by a giant, man-eating rattlesnake! (Or at least that’s what it’ll grow into by the time I fully elaborate on the encounter; you know how it goes.) Thinking of you, dear readers, I of course managed to get a few pictures (although they’re rather severely impaired by my camera’s lack of zoom capabilities) and even a little footage of it slithering along! Take a gander at my best picture of it, and make sure to click through for the video footage as well:

A rattlesnake slithering along among the rocks
A rattlesnake slithering along among the rocks


  1. Can’t really see it in the pic, the vid is better.

    Comment by Dan — 12.08.08 @ 14:20

  2. Beautiful scenery! I hope your remaining 1900 miles and months of hiking are filled with more of the same!

    Comment by Justin Dolske — 12.08.08 @ 14:50

  3. Hi,

    Where was this snake seen??


    Do you have a closer shot? When I clicked on it it went to a music video.

    Thanks – -Kevin

    [It was atop Belter’s Bump in Connecticut a few days before I made this post. As for closer shot, no; my camera doesn’t do zoom. It’s extremely bare-bones, really; I’ve contemplated getting a better one, but I’m still unsure it’s a good investment as I don’t take pictures very often. For the music video thing, search Google for “rickroll” and read the Wikipedia article.]

    Comment by Anonymous — 14.08.08 @ 10:47

  4. upgraded… your water bottle to firefox 3? 🙂 i’d guess u got it at work.. though it’s possible you got it at a career fair too. 🙂

    [You wouldn’t possibly have been able to guess the answer, because you’re not in the particular group of readers at which this was targeted. Rather, it was targeted at readers of planet.mozilla.org (which syndicates my posts), who would have known of a summit of Mozilla developers gathering to discuss things, celebrate the release of Firefox 3, and so on. As it happens, I got the water bottle at a similar summit for Firefox 2 in November 2006.]

    Comment by slyp — 14.08.08 @ 19:51

  5. FYI

    I have not yet upgraded either. I need you to update our SubFinder plug-in to work with version 3 first. We gotta keep your mom working to pay for your sister’s college now that you are done!

    [Did you try renaming the .xpi to .zip, editing the install.rdf file at the top level of the zip by changing the maxVersion number to a higher value (3.5 to be safe, I don’t recall the recommended maxVersion for 3 offhand), renaming back to .xpi, and reinstalling? I still doubt anything changed enough between versions for it to not work. If necessary, do the work in a temporary Windows account with a fresh install of Firefox to a new location to see for sure, then uninstall/install the new version and upgrade when it probably works just fine.]

    Comment by Dad — 01.09.08 @ 20:54

  6. […] lighters given that explicitly stated reason is beyond me. Next stop is the library, where I write a brief post noting my rattlesnake encounter before walking the three miles back to the trail. (Recall that New York prohibits hitchhiking.) […]

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