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Sign up to get a free Mini Mac!

It started with the iPod. Now, they’re giving away free Mini Macs. Do I believe it really works? I don’t know. I’ve heard from many people that the free iPods were legitimate. Logically I should believe this would make a free Mini Mac offer legitimate. Logically, however, how in the world can this scheme actually be profitable?

The Mini Mac

I had no real need for an iPod. However, I signed up for this promotion because I could actually use a Mini Mac (for Firefox/Thunderbird development and documentation work). Do I really expect to get anything? No, not really. Would I like to have one? Sure. I guess I’ll have to see whether this really works or not by soliciting people to sign up through me. After all, I only need 10 people to sign up through me and participate in an offer.

So, if you feel like helping me find out whether this is really legitimate or not, sign up to get your own free Mini Mac. I’ll let people know here whether it works or not (assuming I find enough people willing to sell their souls this way).


  1. I’m 9/10 now… any day I’ll complete.

    I got my freeipod, so they were at least legitimate on that. So I feel pretty confident I’ll be compiling Firefox on a mini soon.

    Comment by Robert Accettura — 26.01.05 @ 18:56

  2. hi. i’m working towards a mac mini myself. question for you: i signed up and i chose the blockbuster offer. now it has a big set of check-marks through the offer. does that mean that no one else can use the blockbuster offer?

    also, have you traded for referrals? are you interested in doing this? i’m just learning about the trading option (i do an offer for you, you do one for me).

    email me if you like please

    Comment by davis — 28.01.05 @ 03:58

  3. Any ideas for getting my link out to people?

    My Free Mini Mac Link

    What other methods do you guys recommend?

    Comment by Matt — 29.01.05 @ 13:33

  4. Davis, the checks through the offer mean that you have completed it and received credit. Anyone can still sign up for that offer under you. And yes, I do trade. I have a group of people that are trading referrals with each other right now. Email me: adambralston@hotmail.com

    Comment by Adam — 29.01.05 @ 22:50

  5. Just as a note, I don’t mind people posting as long as they make some sort of semi-informative comment. I’ve deleted comments that I thought were people posting only to peddle a referral URL.

    Comment by Jeff — 02.02.05 @ 20:13

  6. does anyone know which offers are absolutely free and instantly apply toward credit?
    can my current offer be applied for someone else’s referral?
    willing to swap referrals if so.

    Comment by mflesch — 02.02.05 @ 22:27

  7. This really does work, but getting referalls is a hassle. The only way you can actually sit back and get one of these is by joining a conga line. There is a free equal opportunity conga line forming at http://www.fresh83.com/conga/. This is the only way to get one of these, hassle free.

    Comment by kidoun — 05.02.05 @ 02:51

  8. i have a question about the number of people per household that can sign up. my mom sincerely wants to join, she wants to sign up for blockbuster.com anyhow, and figures she’ll do it through freeminimacs and try for a free mini mac as well. but i read that if more than one registrant has the same household address the account will be put on hold. any info on this?

    Comment by anzelina — 06.02.05 @ 00:03

  9. I’m having trouble getting people as well. I have some now but so far none of them show as completed. How long should I expect for them to go through? I did the efax offer and I haven’t even gotten credit myself yet. It’s also pretty upsetting how people get all pissed when you even begin to mention something about the offer, no one will even consider the possibility that it is legitimate even though there are a ton of success stories out there. I’m hoping to get this computer so I can start recording some music on it. If anyone reads this and wants to help me out I’d appreciate it 😉 http://www.FreeMiniMacs.com/?r=14806647

    Comment by Cancersaurus — 06.02.05 @ 05:23

  10. I am having the same problem as anzelina If you are new and would also be willing to help me out I would appriciate it.

    Comment by Nicolaus — 07.02.05 @ 01:05

  11. Presumably the advertisers pay a commission to minimacs.com for each person who jumps through the hoops. minimacs takes a cut and uses the remaining to buy bulk quantities of the computers at deep discounts (maybe bulk educational discounts?).

    Comment by Aaron Swartz — 07.02.05 @ 21:39

  12. I saw the conga line and was a little bit skeptical about it, nice to see another review. My tatict revolves around regestering with a free url fowarding service, this will make your link easier to remember. CJB.net has a free program any one can sighn up for. Also i have made money online part time for a bit now. My most recent accomplishment was a $50 check from completing online surveys. With this money i am telling my friends that if they sign up for an offer and are too retarded to cancle it after 30 days i will auctually pay their bill. I dont recomend trying this with people you dont know.

    Comment by Graham — 09.02.05 @ 16:57

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