Tip of the hat today…

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…to Delta for, it seems, making an intentional effort to design their website such that it works if you don’t have a working version of Flash. (I have Flash installed, but obnoxious advertising and CPU churn have induced me to enable it only in an opt-in manner — also handy for avoiding rickrolls!) When I view their site after logging in, I notice I’m viewing this address:


Good stuff!


  1. Site breaks if JS is disabled though. And in Chrome, I’m not getting the noflash thing even though plugins are blocked.

    They do have nice JS drop down menus though, any similar site would have been tempted to do them entirely in Flash.

    Comment by Dan — 02.03.10 @ 16:11

  2. http://virginamerica.com just switched to a new version of their web site that drops the use of Flash altogether. Another reason why they are my favorite airline. 🙂

    Comment by Alexander Limi — 02.03.10 @ 17:16

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