“I am sorry, very sorry, but a bicycle that has suffered this degree of damage cannot be repaired by any means that I know of.” *

(Subtitle: “Banach-Tarski! Banach-Tarski! Why isn’t this thing working?”)

My year-old road bike, now with a frame broken at the join point with the front stem, with the front wheel twisted around above its normal location for dramatic effect
Yes, I'm fine enough now — wasn't so great at the time, but it could have been much worse.

You might (and I think should) have a right to be stupid. That doesn’t mean you should use it. I repeat myself: wear a helmet. Don’t be an idiot.

Also amusing this long after the fact: this is what the police report describes as “moderate damage to the frame”.

Also relevant: this, although the mangled sound track makes me want to do violence to the current state of copyright law that doubtless makes it hard to find an unaltered copy.

* I don’t really know that it can’t be repaired. Although when I was walking back from retrieving the bike from the Palo Alto police, I stopped by Palo Alto Bicycles just for giggles to ask if it would need a new frame. I’ll give you one guess at the answer. I’m unsure exactly what I’m going to do with the bike, or to replace it, just yet.


  1. Doh! What happened?!

    Comment by Justin Dolske — 13.07.11 @ 22:05

  2. Only the duct tape can resolve it

    Comment by besr — 13.07.11 @ 22:09

  3. Essentially, the bike and I were in a crash with a car a week and a half ago. For now I’ll leave it at that, although I might post more details at some point.

    Comment by Jeff — 14.07.11 @ 23:47

  4. When I saw the bike i thought you’d disassembled the headtube assembly and put it back backwards, with the wheel going towards the sky!

    Comment by David Ascher — 19.07.11 @ 00:28

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