WebKit (well, one twisted soul, I think) has started a meme collection. It’s true that Mozilla has a quotes database, which sometimes we are even gracious enough to share with them [more here]). But we have no meme collection.

Gentlemen, we must not allow a meme gap!
Buck Turgidson does not approve.

Mozilla Internetizens, fix this. Pronto.

UPDATE: jdm follows through with Mozilla Memes. Next step: ADDRESS THE GAP.

UPDATE 2: The gauntlet has been thrown down.


  1. We have named rooms in the Mozilla headquarters in Mountain Views after memes, we should be able to bring up something like that – and should include the list of those room names and the memes they come from as well. 😉

    Comment by Robert Kaiser — 13.03.12 @ 08:43

  2. http://mozillamemes.tumblr.com/

    Comment by Josh Matthews — 13.03.12 @ 09:56

  3. […] Memes (whereswalden.com) […]

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