Esoteric Supreme Court trivia question

Mystery images!

A couple months ago various travels took me within a mile or two of the location where an important Supreme Court case concerning freedom of speech originated. Naturally, I took the opportunity to do a little side trip to see the place and take a few pictures:

A shot with a building in the background and parked cars in foreground
First view...
Panned right, cars in the foreground with low building spanning width of picture in distance
Panning right a little...
Panned right further, building continues in background with parked cars in foreground
Panned right further

The question

Which Supreme Court case was this? (Or, where were these pictures taken?) I’ll give readers a little time before I make a new post giving the answer, unless someone knows or manages to guess the answer.

A few hints

The first hint is barely a hint if you know much about me, but it seems worth mentioning for the benefit of readers who don’t. The second hint may be quite helpful if you’re familiar with well-known First Amendment cases and their holdings. If you’re not, I doubt it will be of much use. The third arguably trivializes the problem of answering the question — but only if you choose to use the business names in the picture while trying to figure out the answer.


  1. I’ve hidden my guess behind this shortlink so as not to spoil it for the non-lawyers who comment later 🙂

    Tangentially, going out of your way to visit a shopping mall is seriously high-grade legal nerdery.

    Comment by Luis — 18.05.10 @ 09:27

  2. [Select to view: Robins v. Pruneyard Shopping Center, 23 Cal. 3d 899, 910 (1979)?]

    Comment by Justin Dolske — 18.05.10 @ 10:19

  3. It actually wasn’t much out of the way; a nearby highway disrupts travel enough that “out of the way” isn’t much more than one block in one direction, then the same block the opposite direction, for maybe a mile total diversion, four or five minutes of travel plus about the same-ish to take the pictures.

    And yes, Luis’s guess is correct. 🙂 Dolske’s is not. Somewhat strictly speaking. 😛

    Comment by Jeff — 18.05.10 @ 10:20

  4. Okay, you’ve piqued my interest – that’s only a couple miles from where I live, at the intersection of VTA bus routes 61, 62 and 26.

    Comment by Alex Vincent — 18.05.10 @ 13:57

  5. There’s a great (non-chain) teppanyaki place there; highly recommended.

    Comment by Preed — 20.05.10 @ 01:50

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